I have read a lot of blogs over the years; specifically ones about leaving a ‘cubicle’ career and becoming an independent solopreneur. Isn’t it odd how five or six years ago no-one would know what the hell I just said but now cubicle career and solopreneur are pretty common terms? FYI I still think it sounds a bit pretentious.

They all talk about surrounding yourself with the ‘right’ type of people. By this I don’t mean making a wiccan coven and getting all your besties to stand in a circle around you chanting your name.

*OMG I just used the term ‘besties’ in a sentence* 


I mean, creating a mini emotional network for cups of strong tea, pep talks, and wine (when tea just won’t cut it). Oh, and chocolate. There should ALWAYS be chocolate. These types of people know where you’re coming from when you say you want to generate your own income, help people, make a difference in their lives. These people encourage you to follow your dreams.

Trouble is, most people really struggle with that mindset. Most people are terrified by the thought of giving up a steady pay cheque and doing something ‘wishy-washy’ like coaching or teaching or blogging or writing or whatever the hell it is.

This is the reason many people never get to this point, because the people in their lives make them doubt themselves.

After coming back from India, I had thought I had finally made a big decision. I was going to do this thing! Full time. 100%. I was going to quit my ‘career’ job and make more time for what I loved, even if I had know idea what that was going to look like, other than moving back to Wales and nature and my family.

As it turns out, I talked honestly with my employer and we agreed on a great deal for me to work part-time, which means I get to keep more money and stay in London networking my ass off, instead of moving to remote and rural North Wales.

During this emotional 24 roller coaster, when I was offered all sorts of different things to stay and my mind was all over the place.

Naturally, I meditated, but I also turned to my friends.

Now, here’s what surprised me about my friends – they knew me a lot better than I gave them credit for. So here’s a list of the five things that showed me how amazing my friends are (not that I didn’t know they were amazing before!):

1. They continue to listen with enthusiasm and patience despite this being the fourth time I’ve called that night to cry about a boy, stress about Christmas or vent about work, and still gave me sensible advice.

2. They always have better stuff than me in their cupboards, including but not limited to: Vodka, ice cream, chocolate, kettle chips, wine, more vodka.

3. Even though none of them work solely for themselves, it doesn’t stop them appreciating what I want to do. They offer advice and support based on who I am as a person, not on who they are.

4. It doesn’t matter if we don’t see each other for months, when we do it’s like we’ve never been apart.

5. Their families are an extension of my family. Everyone looks out for each other. Gain one friend, gain a whole new family.

Do you have some friends as great as mine? Sometimes you don’t realise how great they are until you need them. Take stock of your friends and let them know you appreciate them today.

I want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU to:

Jess, Erin, Lucy, Patrick and the lovely ladies at Coaching Jumpstart, and of course my amazing parents for looking out for me and coming with my ever-changing moods and decisions. You’re awesome!

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