This is today’s reality. I woke up this morning ready to have a super productive day after being sick for nearly a week. In the end, I drove to town for a shop that was shut for the holidays, did some creative stuff, and managed a small walk in the sunshine with my dog.

I didn’t change lives. I didn’t do a tonne of mindset work, and I didn’t put make up on or brush my hair. That’s OK. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

I could sit here and look at my daily checklist and berate myself for how poor a human I am, or I could be kind to myself and know that sometimes things don’t go to plan (I very nearly chose the first option). With all the pressure around the new year and needing to become a whole other person, it’s easy to get caught in comparisons and frustration. Don’t. Let’s just remember that we are all processing exactly what we need to process, at exactly the right time. For me, sometimes that looks like pushing an edge and really challenging my own resistance to change and patterns, and sometimes it looks like resting and doing nothing at all related to growth. It’s ALL part of the process.

I know what I’m capable of, and I know what support I need to get there. I am so grateful to the team of people I have around me who keep me focused, challenged, balanced, happy and safe

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