Everything is perfect. Everything is perfect. Everything is perfect.

Even when it’s hard. Even when there are tears. Even when it’s awesome and super scary all at the same time.
Even when you laugh. Even when you feel like you have to let down a friend to honour yourself. Even when you push the door to on something which could have been epic, but you just couldn’t get on the same page.

Even when there are more feelings than I know what to do with, my lesson this week as I moved through all the above has been this:

Home is not a place, destination or a person. My home is me. I provide my own stability. I come back to myself when my emotions throw me around inside the washing machine of life. I recognise the stillness in my breathe when my mind refuses to stop planning and organising.
I can hold myself, and I have now created the space to hold way, way, way more.

Today I officially launched a new programme, The True You Collective. It has my heart and my soul, and I am intending for it to make the biggest impact I’ve made in the world so far. It feels big, and exciting, and scary….and…. It feels like it’s completely out of my hands. I’ve surrendered and surrendered throughout the process of bringing it to life. I’ve done everything business owners say you shouldn’t do, and I have faith it will do what it needs to, because everything is perfect.

My intentions are filled with love and light and hope.
I want to bring more peace, love and happiness into the world. I want people to connect more deeply and more authentically with each other. I want better relationships and more cohesive families. I will be facilitating the changes to make that happen.

If you’re feeling called to join me, check out The True You Collective, and let’s change the world together <3

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