There is so much doing, and my heart just wants to BE.

The race against time feels so real – so many places to visit, people to meet, experiences to be had, ‘success’ to achieve.

Even as I type, my thoughts run away faster than my fingers can keep up with. My brain sometimes feels so scattered with plans and dreams and the anxiety that comes from wanting to control the future, and knowing I can’t.
And yet,

even in the midst of the chaos that sits inside my brain and filters into my existence if I don’t catch it fast [!] enough, there is a stillness…. a pause… It reaches the depths of my being and reminds me to open my heart and love.
The pause at the top of my inhale, and the bottom of my exhale.

That pause is my moment, when time stops and I remember, it’s all love.
Sometimes life sucks, and even in those moments when my tears make me feel like anything but pain is impossible, if I can just concentrate, even for a second, I can find that pause again: I can find a place in my heart which is open to loving rather than hating, caring rather than denying, comforting rather than violating.

Find the pause. Cherish it. It is your guiding light.

True freedom comes from being able to acknowledge and accept all of yourself, all of the time, even the shadow parts you were once so ashamed of.
With freedom comes peace. With peace comes contentment. Being able to navigate life with a peaceful baseline to come home to means you’re able to not just survive, but thrive, enjoy life and be of service at the same time: to step into who you were meant to be.

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