Study all the texts, philosophers and psychologists you like, but if that study doesn’t turn into kinder, more loving and more peaceful thoughts and actions, it isn’t worth anything to anyone.

Equally, you don’t need to study anything to have kinder, more peaceful and more loving thoughts and actions. You don’t even need to scroll instagram or post interesting quotes 😉

If the study helps you, great. If it makes you question your ego and your beliefs and challenges you to be a kinder and more loving being, great. There are wonderful, well researched systems and tools to help with this. If they help you, that’s amazing.

AND, please know that you don’t need to be well-read, or be able to quote ancient texts or know lots of psychological theories to be peaceful. Peace comes from letting go of judgement and looking for the loving perspective.

Love is the answer, and you already have it. Stop looking for a different or more complicated one outside yourself. It really is this simple.