My notes and social media plan tell me that this blog post is supposed to be about self-worth. I’ve recently got all clued up on the social media front so I’m theoretically no longer posting random words of wisdom at you lovely intelligent people.

So, I’m sat in the kitchen / waiting lounge at the centre where I see my own personal counsellor, and I’m wondering what self-worth actually means to me, and to you.

It’s an annoying concept isn’t it? Everyone kind of knows what it is; they know it’s about feeling good, and they know they want to have it, because not having self-worth is seen as a very bad thing indeed. Particularly for women in the era of the strong and confident woman.

“I’m an average thirty-something women with a steady boyfriend and I work in finance.” (absolutely not me BTW)

Do you think that’s a good understanding of who you are?

To me, that’s a description which actually says nothing about who the person is. When I talk about who you are, I want to know what you’re about: what are your beliefs and values? What gets you excited about the world? What gets you angry? What does family mean to you? What sort of people do you spend time with?

If you can give me solid answers to all these questions, then you have a pretty good sense of yourself and how you fit in to the world. If you’re unsure, spend some time thinking about these questions and what they mean for you (you can always schedule a chat with me too)