Sometimes there isn’t any light. She knows it’s there. She knows that if she just choose to see it, she would, yet there’s a stronger part of her that wants to embrace the sadness, the meaningless, for a time.

Maybe in the hopelessness, there is hope, or at least faith. Maybe having a choice, knowing there is always a choice, provides more relief than she realised. Knowing that if there is one, there must be the other, knowing that letting go, can also facilitate holding on.

And so she emerged the other side of her tears. Tired, weary and feeling less than sure-footed she allowed herself to slowly see the light again. She allowed herself to be held, and loved, and reminded that there is always meaning, there is always light, and there is always love.

Feeling bad doesn’t mean any of the things we often tell ourselves it means. It just means we chose (on some level), to embrace our shadow for a while. What would it look like if we chose to see the light for a while now instead?

Photo taken at: Uluwatu Beach

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