By choosing to see with love, instead of fear, we can choose the world we see, and we can choose to feel safe, despite what may be going on in the crazy world we live in.

I know I’ve posted this quote before, but I will always come back to it in moments where I find myself judging, in moments where I find myself fearful and in moments where I feel unsafe, insecure or attacked.
The moments when I want to put a wall up and push back; those are the moments I know will teach me the most, if I just let my defences down and choose to be, see and show love and compassion.
When I can hold myself in a state of compassion, and stay true to who I am, there is no way I can be anything other than safe. There is no way I will ever regret loving myself, and showing compassion for another.

Happiness is an inside job. So is feeling safe. We will not feel safe in our bodies, our relationships, our houses, jobs or environment until we feel safe internally.
It all begins and ends with love
Photo credit: @dolcesmom05

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