She continued the practice of choosing herself, and realised something interesting in the process. When she really, truly, chose herself; when she honoured and respected herself enough to choose what was loving for her, it ended up being what was most loving for those around her too.

Creating those boundaries – choosing only to have people in her life who were genuinely interested in her and her happiness, and letting go of those that weren’t – meant that those people weren’t able to be unkind or unloving to her anymore. They got to be more loving to those they truly cared about instead.

It was a win-win. She didn’t feel hurt or upset, and they didn’t feel guilty about not being the person she wanted them to be. It allowed them both to be better people.

Being loving and forgiving doesn’t mean you need to keep people in your life who hurt you. It means you choose what the relationship needs to look like based on what feels most loving and peaceful for you, trusting that what’s best for you, is also best for them.

Photo credit: @loveluella