Sometimes she felt so guilty for feeling so overwhelmed because of the choices afforded to her. She could do anything, which she believed was the same for everyone, but she also BELIEVED she could do anything, so those choices became more tangible for her than perhaps those around her.

And yet, in the freedom of choice, sometimes came the overwhelming fear of making the RIGHT choice.

Sometimes she would stay stuck rather than make a decision, because she didn’t know where to start, and so, eventually, some of the options would be removed and she could make a smaller choice, often the decision to not make a decision, and choose to stay as she was.

This is not how she wanted to use her free will, her power of manifestation and her intuitive guidance. It felt like a waste, especially in the face of those who didn’t feel they had the same opportunities.

And so she took a deep breath, tuned in, put her trust in her own intuition and took responsibility for her freedom. It took courage to listen to her heart and feel what was right, but it felt lighter, and freer when she did, even if she didn’t know how she was going to make it happen.

That taking responsibility, coupled with having faith in being guided to what was best for her, ensured she was always able to move forward, and be grateful for her ability to manifest her dreams

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