Breathe. Whatever is happening, however you feel, come back to your breath.

I’m being reminded these last few days how powerful our breath is: how much it controls our nervous system and how we can release the tension held in our bodies when we remember to use it consciously. The breath is one of the few systems in our body which is both conscious and unconscious – it happens all by itself, without any intervention from us, quietly, in the background of our lives, requiring no effort and, when we choose, we can consciously direct our breath to cool us down, warm us up, calm us, enliven us and heal us.

I am so grateful to the yogic teachings of pranayama for all the wisdom that has been shared with me about how powerful the breath is, and yet, at it’s most simple, it is equally as potent a healing tool.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Allow yourself a few moments of calm to turn inward and rest

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