A little reframe, if you notice you are stuck in feelings or fears of lack or scarcity:

“I am always supported.”

This phrase has helped me through many a panicky feeling – if my bank account fell low, if my boyfriend broke up with me, if I got sick, if I broke down in my car or I just felt like I didn’t have ‘enough’ of something, or there wasn’t ‘enough’ to go around.

Sometimes we get stuck thinking we need to manifest specific things which our nervous system just can’t find a way to believe could possibly come true (telling yourself you’re going to win the lottery when you have no money to pay rent will probably not work!), instead of working with our fears to create an opening to a different alternative which *might* be true or possible.

If you feel like perhaps you haven’t been supported in the past, ask yourself how you’re here now, what got you here? You may find you were supported more than you think, even by learning how to support yourself.

If it still generates an untrue feeling for you, maybe you could adjust the affirmation to ‘I am *open* to being supported’.