Be you. Be love.

Something I’m realising more and more each day, and more and more in every situation that triggers me, whether it’s professional or personal, is that the only true choice I have, is to show up as my authentic and integrated self, or as a substitute version of myself based on how I think other people might want to perceive me.

The trouble with second guessing how others will perceive you, and trying to act accordingly, is that you cannot control how anyone sees you, and so it’s all a bit futile, and stressful. Why try to be a ‘better’ or more successful or more confident or more sexy or more intelligent version of yourself, when there’s no guarantee anyone will see you that way anyway?

Better, I’m learning, just to show up as me. The more of me I can bring into my conversations, my interactions, my relationships and my work, the more the need for illusion falls away.
The more I show up as me, just me, the more I give others permission to show up as the truth too. And the truth is we are all love. We all just want to love and be loved. Without the drama. Without the masks. Without the peacocking and pretence. We just want to be ourselves, and be loved for who we are, because who we are is more than enough.

That love starts from within: having the courage to be vulnerable, to be defenceless (see previous post), to BE, without censorship or trying to plan for the future. Showing up as yourself and loving that person. Loving them even harder for their so-called weaknesses, because you are all of you, and every part of you is love <3

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