Deep down, all anyone really wants is our honesty and authenticity. When we honour and respect someone enough to be real with them, we give them a gift, and they, in turn, allow us to feel truly ‘seen’ and understood.

This is my happy place. In the quiet solitude of a morning where the only sounds are the birds and the breeze. Whilst I am excited to see friends and go out for nice food again, there is a part of me which is sad that there will be less of this quiet.

I am grateful however, that over the years I have learned that it’s OK to like and need my own space and time, that after an hour or two of company I can excuse myself to go be quiet and rest for a while.

I used to be embarrassed about needing that, and often stayed far longer than was comfortable for me (then wondered why I had social anxiety!). Now I know that loving myself, and honouring my needs has allowed me to be fully present with others and enjoy my time with them, knowing that it’s OK for me to take space when I need it. The best part – no-one bats an eyelid when I announce I need to go be alone. They completely understand it’s just part of my charm 🙂