So today is not going to be me spouting forth my…ahem…AMAZING wisdom on how to live a more stress-free and peaceful existence because I have something very exciting to share with you.

This week I got an email from one of my lovely clients, who booked a package with me a while ago but because she’s so awesome and I’m so good at what I do (it’s all about the self-appreciation today guys – give yourself a little love!), she only used three of the four sessions.

We were keeping one in the back pocket just incase she needed it in the future but it’s been a while now and she’s all good sooooo……

She’s only gone and offered it up to you guys as a freebie!

Yes, as an early Christmas present to one lucky Life without Regret-er, Chrissy has donated her last session to the readers of this blog.

Now, not only is this a super nice gesture on Chrissy’s part, it is also a great way to get introduced to working with me one on one, and, since I have never been what my mother would call ‘cheap’, it’s guna be a pretty sweet deal for whoever gets the session.

The nuts and bolts:

This is a one session deal – so not like my current packages. We’ll do some work pre-meet and I’ll get you to answer some questions for me, then it’s all hands on deck for the 50min session, which will be, as always, over skype or google hangout.

What you can use it for:

You all know I LOVE de-stressing people, so this session is going to be best used to help combat stress, anxiety and stressy-type issues but it’s also going to be great for anyone wanting to shift their outlook to a more positive one and start the new year fresh and on the lookout for any new opportunities that come your way (I have a GREAT technique for helping you find these opportunities too) and learn how to listen to that intuition more to sky-rocket your confidence.


OK so by now you’re thinking, well that sounds great…and it’s FREE…so what’s the catch? And how to I get it?

1. There is no catch. Chrissy’s Christmas present to you.

2. All you need to do, is write me an email telling me why you’d like the session, what you’d use it for and how your life would be different. It doesn’t have to be long but tell me those three things. 

Get your emails to me before next week (aka midnight Saturday, 23rd November), when I’ll be announcing the winner!

Have a great week peeps! 🙂