Life is not all or nothing. It is not black and white. It is not either or. Neither are people. Neither am I. Neither are you.

Life is a consequence of all the tiny moments we stay present to: the moments we choose by tuning into what feels good and following our hearts, or shutting off our intuition and doing what we think we should, holding onto to what we think something should or needs to look like. These are our choices. They can never be taken away from us.

Life is not good or bad. It can be both, or neither. It can shift from one to the other or sit somewhere on the continuum, moving up and down depending on our perspective.

We are not the heroes or the heroine, not the devil or the sinner. We are just us. Moving through life, choosing experiences, moments, behaviours, reactions and thoughts based on how we perceive our reality. We are not fixed. We get to be fluid. We get to change. We get to change back. We get to move up and down on the continuum, and we will always, still, be good enough.

Your experience of now does not define who you are, it defines how you choose to be in this moment.