And sometimes you just have to sit with the pain. Let her do her thing and burn herself out. Let the feelings wash over you and cleanse you of the imbalance and ground you into a greater sense of knowing who you are.

And Yes, I’m mixing metaphors, because it’s all the same at the end of the day, and my commitment is to honouring my feelings and being real, not pleasing your ears with the sounds my words make in your head.

These words are like therapy to me, and if you read them and let them flow over you maybe they will affect you too….or maybe they won’t. I’m unattached. You will take what you need from the messages you receive, and understand them in a way that matches where you are and allows you to grow, just as I do.
And when we are ready, and not before, something will enter our world and turn our thoughts upside down and blow our beliefs apart, and we will evolve and grow and change again.

We can never be attached to an idea, a decision, a place or a person, because there will always be another. Life keeps flowing and laughs at your attempts to hold it steady.

Photo credit: @loveluella

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