When we say one thing, and do another, it leaves room for interpretation. It leaves room for confusion. It leaves room for fear, and unhappiness.

When we say one thing, and act in a way that is not representative of what we say we want, or who we say we are, we are out of alignment. A part of us is operating from a place of fear. What is stopping us owning what our heart is telling us is right for us? What is holding us back from being true to ourselves and having courage in our convictions? Are we scared of being judged? Are we scared of failing? Are we scared of hurting others with our truth?

We can only be judged when we judge ourselves.
We can only fail when we believe there is an option that isn’t meant for us.
We can only hurt others with our truth when we choose to believe we are separate and that our truth and highest good is different and separate from others’. Let me be really clear:

What is loving and good for you, is loving and good for everyone else. We are all connected. There can be no other way.
Show up. Honour yourself. Honour how you feel. Trust yourself. Trust that what is right for you, IS right. Full stop. Don’t feel the need to hide it by saying something different or acting against your truth. Get into alignment. Match your thoughts to your words to your actions. Watch everything become simpler as you become congruent with the truth of who you are

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