If you can imagine what you want and how you want to feel, you can also pay attention to the type of person you would need to experience that reality. How would that person feel about themselves? How would they think? How would they behave? What beliefs would they hold about themselves and the world?

If you can spend some time each day imagining this reality for yourself – what you would love to see in your world, and how you’d love to feel, and then who you would need to be to have that be true (if I felt / had XYZ, what would I be thinking and feeling about myself and others, how would I be behaving?), your brain will begin to build new neural pathways in order to make that imagined reality an actual reality. You can then practice thinking, feeling and being in that way in your current reality.

We are not the same person we were last week or last year or a decade ago. We have grown, we have learned, we have changed. Where we are now would not have been possible without those shifts, and so, we can consciously direct our shifting in the direction that feels best / most loving / most fun etc. We must start BEING the person whose reality is that which we desire. We must start thinking, acting and feeling from that place, and being open to different experiences.

P.S. If you are dealing with trauma, PTSD, strong survival beliefs or low self-esteem this could be more challenging but not impossible. The support of a trained therapist or specialist in these areas could be really helpful.