We have such different ideas of what constitutes a life well lived.
Do you look for the next thing to make the adrenalin course through your veins to remind you that you’re human and immortal or do you crave the quiet and peace of an easy life?

It doesn’t matter how I choose to live my life. It doesn’t matter how you choose to live yours. It will be lived with or without our conscious input.

There will be experiences, happy and sad.
There will be memories, good and bad.
There will be a future: worried about, planned for, avoided and looked forward to.

And your life will be lived. Whether long or short, good or bad, well or not. Don’t waste time worrying about whether someone else is doing it better than you. Breathe into the moments you are gifted with, however you feel about them.

Spending time next to beautiful beaches with little to do except write and coach and share can do weird things to your brain. I’ve found myself worrying that I should be doing more, or doing less, or staying better connected, or less connected.
I feel like reality is further away than it used to be after only a week in Sri Lanka, yet this is real life, and it hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m here, living, and life is good

Photo taken at: Southern Province, Sri Lanka

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