Hearing nothing but birds and the wind.

Listening to your own breath.

Being able to walk your own path.

Following my flow in the quiet space of spirit.

As most of you know by now, I currently live in London but go back to visit my parents in my childhood home in North Wales at least once a month. Recently I’ve been shifting a lot of my energy towards my business, my own spiritual practice and getting in to my own flow – living the life I’m supposed to be living and living my purpose.

It’s been awesome, and I’m definitely going to talk more about that in another blog post, but for today, I wanted to talk about a weird side-effect of this energy shift and the fact that suddenly, I’ve become so much more aware of my desire for quiet and peace.

If you visit London from the country, it can be a super-daunting experience: there are people everywhere, cars everywhere, the tubes are hot and overcrowded and there are scare stories about pick-pockets and crime. When you live here however, there’s this sense of pride that comes over you when you get to say you live in one of the greatest cities in the world. You defend the noise and pollution and the crowds. You love the life and the vibrancy and the diversity. It’s incredible.

I am also unbelievably blessed to live on the River Thames – I live 5 mins from the City but with this awesome view of the river and quiet streets to walk down. It’s safe and beautiful.

It’s also still London.

Each night I can hear cars, the last DLR trains, the 711 closing up below me and people coming home from their night out at the local Gordon Ramsey gastropub. It’s a far cry from the blackness and silence I had growing up in rural North Wales.

With my life propelling me forward in to my dream life at such a rate right now, my ‘career’ job as an Operations Manager, along with living in London full-time has created a certain off-kilter feeling that I wanted to share with you guys. I have a craving for simplicity.

This craving extends to all areas of my life – technology, work, surroundings, friends, family – I just want to get up in the morning and work on my mission – sharing my message of selfish consciousness with as many people as I can and teaching them to put themselves first so their happiness and positive energy can be a positive force on the world.

I don’t want to have to deal with anything else.

But as we know, the universe works in mysterious ways, and it seems to want me to stay grounded in day-to-day challenges and realities right now, but I’m seeing that as a gift. Sometimes, when you get the call to escape, you’re propelled to change you didn’t know you needed.

Please, you have to listen to this intuition! It absolutely may not be practical to turn your world upside down overnight, but trust whatever it is that’s pushing you towards one thing over another, and make the first step.

Live in your flow – find time for you and your needs – find your peace.