Life Coaching

You can do this. You just need a little help.



Just a few options we can sort out when you invest in yourself with me.

When I coach, I take you step by step from living your life for other people, to being able to create loving relationships, which work for everyone (including you). No guilt. No shame. No failure.

We work on your mind, your body and your soul to reconnect the different parts of yourself until you know who you are again, what you’re about and what you want and need to do to make yourself happy. I take on limited clients at a time, so I can dedicate myself totally to you for the duration of our time together.

What I’ve learned from following other people’s’ expectations for me, is that you end up being a version of yourself that you just don’t recognise, and if you don’t recognise yourself, you can’t ever feel like you’re being yourself, and that means you go through life either consciously unhappy, or numb to your feelings completely.

That’s why I became a life coach and counsellor.

I am a huge advocate for traditional therapy AND sometimes you need a more goal-oriented approach to remind you of who you are – beautiful, compassionate, loving and fun! That’s why I combined my counselling and coaching skills and training to provide therapeutic life coaching – the best of both worlds.

I want you to have amazing relationships because I know how it feels to  compromise yourself for the sake of those you love. It doesn’t serve you or anyone else to put yourself last. It breeds resentment, no matter how much of a ‘good’ person you are. I want you happy, because when you’re happy,

you make the world a happier place,

by sharing that happiness with others.

How it works

Generally, this is a weekly commitment, for as long as you find it useful and transformative (we can get a better idea at the consultation, but most people work with me for between 6 and 12 weeks), structured with secure video or telephone calls, which last 50 minutes, but you’ll be doing a lot of work on yourself in between the sessions too. You will have access to my secure online portal / app where you can access everything you need (video calls, booking sessions, secure chat with me, shared documents, tools and worksheets tailored specifically to your needs). There is no set agenda. We tailor each of our sessions to match your needs exactly based on the area you want to focus on. As a general guide, we’ll start by getting to know you and your story, your current belief systems and patterns, then step by step break down and realign any beliefs which are no longer serving you with a combination of counselling, coaching and some meditation and mindfulness.

What people are saying

Trust me, AND my clients…


Our work helped me examine the motives for my anxiety and disarm them, either by disproving them or by learning better coping techniques; therefore lowering the general level of my anxiety. A huge benefit was having a safe space to speak my thoughts out loud. I tend to get stuck in my head with repetitive, often toxic thoughts and then I feel trapped because I feel horrible for having these thoughts, but can’t talk about them. Beyond just releasing those thoughts, hearing you question them and help me get to the root of them was amazing. Sometimes, a thought that had been plaguing me for months lost its power altogether. I have also been consistently improving in self-care in the past few months and I attribute that to our chats. You helped me see that taking care of myself was not only ok, but necessary to prevent burning out on everyone else.


You have such a calming voice and I could feel over the phone that you were listening and thinking through what I was saying. You never rushed to give easy conclusions, but had a gentle way of leading me to realize the fallacies in my thoughts. And you were personable. I liked talking to you and looked forward to our chats, even though I always ended up crying.


I definitely had some fear about the things that would come out of my mouth. Some of the thoughts I had around my marriage and my family life felt like only a terrible person could feel that way, but you were so calm and non-judgmental that I soon started letting it all come out. It wasn’t just a “well, I don’t know this person, so who cares if she thinks I’m horrible,” but you really made me feel like it was ok to feel that way and that I could work to change that. This helped me shift the focus from beating myself up for having those thoughts and feelings to accepting them and working to move past them.



You’ll get to know yourself again or perhaps for the first time, with someone who truly cares about your well-being and whose only motivation

is to allow you to be unapologetically you.

This process really can be a life-changer. I’ve met so many people who have just stopped living for themselves and either go through the motions or live for their family or friends and it never ends well. If you’re reading this now, make the investment in yourself to turn things around, and make a significant improvement in yourself and your relationships, today.

The world deserves the real you.

Want to know more?

I offer complimentary consultation for people who are ready to break the cycle. In this conversation, we spend 30mins identifying exactly where your challenges are, get you some clarity on them, have you understand what you can do NOW to help and I’ll give you my professional recommendation for your next steps.